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Water Master Rafts

Alaska Downstream is now your source for Water Master kickboats and accessories!

Water Master Raft

Portability. Stability. Maneuverability. Carrying Capacity. Performance.

The Water Master Advantage:

Frameless design - The seat and oarlocks are built right into the boat which means that there is no aluminum frame to pack and assemble. This allows for complete assembly and disassembly in under 10 minutes. Unfold, inflate, lock in the oars, and hit the water.

Large Surface Area - Because Water Master Rafts are scaled down river rafts, they have a much larger surface area, or “footprint,” than similarly sized pontoon style kickboats. This increases the carrying capacity and results in a more stable craft that tracks better in moving water and windy conditions.

Integrated Seat and Oarlocks - Eliminate the need for a frame and keep the oars perfectly flat on the top of the boat where they are easily reached, but out of the way until needed. The position of the integrated seat results in a low center of gravity which increases stability and allows for deeper and more effective kicking with fins.

Welded Construction - All Water Master Rafts are made in Missoula, Montana, USA using 30 oz, 1000 denier PVC fabric for durability, and long life on the standardl. All boat seams are thermo-welded and reinforced, and all components are radio frequency welded to individual boat panels before assembly. Dual air chambers for safety are separated by a tough 30 oz PVC baffle system. They do not use air bladders of any kind. The ultrlight models are made of 18 oz. 840 denier urethane fabric.

Water Master Grizzly Raft

At 7' 10" long and only 23 lbs. the Water Master Grizzly is a lot of boat in a compact, lightweight package. Constructed of tough 30 oz, 1000 denier PVC fabric for durability and long life. The Grizzly raft's rear tube is slightly larger than the front to help support additional weight on the rear cargo deck. "D"-rings on the front of the raft allow you to load the front of the boat as well for multi-day excursions. Weight capacity is 500 lbs. Easy to transport by car, airplane, pack animal, or on your back.

Water Master Kodiak Raft

The Kodiak Raft Package was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The Kodiak Raft is larger than the Grizzly, and features a pointed bow and stern that increases stability, weight capacity, and rowing efficiency. The Kodiak Raft features the same hardware as the grizzly and is delivered in the same 7 cubic foot dry bag backpack. They are a few pounds heavier but every bit as compact.

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